PR Tour in Tibet a Travesty

China is at it again. After posing a media blackout and travel ban for foreign journalists, they decided to open their gates and stage a news conference, complete with pre-selected Buddhist plants for those all important sound bites, to make it look like they are in control of the situtaion. But they were upstaged by 30 protesting monks, crying and shouting, “Tibet is not free,” and “There’s no religious freedom.”

Embarrassed Chinese officials ordered the journalists to leave, as troops from the People’s Liberation Army moved in on the monks’ temple. This is nothing but a PR disaster and has not helped Beijing’s profile, as they head towards the summer olympics. Accusations that the Dalai Lama is responsible for the violence and riots is nothing but ludicrous. That’s like calling the Pope an anarchist.

And it doesn’t end there. The Chinese Ambassador in Canada, Lu Shumin, held his own news conference, claiming that China has been maligned and falsely portrayed in the media. Shumin proved his point with a 27-minute documentary put together by China Central Television, a state broadcaster controlled by the Chinese Communist party. The film showed a mob throwing stones at Chinese police, but didn’t show what had provoked this attack.

Shumin blames Tibetan separatists and the Dalai Lama for spreading propaganda about the police crackdown. He says, “The Dalai Lama has presented himself as a peaceful, like an angel sort of figure for such a long time and the Western public take this for granted to believe. [sic]

During the conference, Shumin said that Tibet’s traditional governance is like Nazi Germany and the exiled spiritual leader is a compulsive liar: “The Dalai Lama has been telling lies to the world for decades.”

Yeah, and the Easter Bunny is out to get ya.


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