Think before you hyphenate!

It’s now two weeks into my internship and so far I have done a lot of writing, editing and reading and I have to say, I’m going bananas — to hyphenate or not to hyphenate?

It seems I’m not alone. Everywhere you look, writers have gone hyphenation haywire! Slow down people! Not all word combinations need hyphenating. There are the obvious adjective-noun-noun combinations, but there’s also your adverb-adverb double-word combo, like enivironmentally friendly people or the adverb-adjective-noun combo, such as readily available cash.

You want to hyphenate it, don’t you? Should I? Shouldn’t I? You write it out both ways to see what it looks like or to jog your memory. You look it up and it doesn’t help. And then the words speak to you and whisper softly in your ear — Don’t hyphenate me; I am an individual and my strength allows me to stand alone as one word. Be brave, take the plunge, make a decision and most importantly of all, be consistent.

Oh, that only happens to me? Okay, well anyway . . . I did say — Bananas!

So, as of this day, I hereby decree — Think before you hyphenate!


4 thoughts on “Think before you hyphenate!

  1. Amen sista! I love that there’s someone as nerdly about this as I am. I think we’re got it down pretty good, though ; )

  2. Natalie Secretan says:

    Is it a gift? Is it a curse? No, it’s nerdly nerdtron central!

  3. conor says:

    Did you ever go camping in Wales at a pgl centre ?

  4. Natalie Secretan says:

    Conor — yes, that was me. I remember you. I couldn’t understand a word you said, with your thick, Northern Irish accent. That was such a fun week. I remember galloping across Table Top Mountain on my trusty old steed Beetle and that morning the vending machine went mad and dispensed its guts free of charge.
    How are things with you?

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