Blurry Politics : Clear Message

If you’re a Canadian, you probably saw the travesty put on national TV last Wednesday by Stephane Dion and the Coalition Party in response to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s address to the nation. For the rest of you who probably don’t follow Canadian politics, allow me to divulge some of the embarrassing details of the habits and behaviours of our nation’s leaders.

The Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party (NDP) decided to form a coalition party with support from the Bloc Quebecois against a minority Conservative government. This comes months after Liberal leader Dion lost to Harper. Since then, Dion has offered his resignation, announcing several different times when this would come about. But this behaviour is not unusual. During the campaign, Dion emphasized that he did not align with NDP leader Jack Layton’s economics, and yet, here he is now taking up arms with the very man. Dion seems to be a man who is easily confused, as we witnessed in this TV interview.

Further evidence of this man’s ineptitude was captured on video and released to the press last Wednesday in response to Harper’s address. This video looked as though some myopic amateur had stepped in at the last minute on his way home from art school. Uh, yes, let’s focus in on the background and draw attention to the HOT AIR book so unfortunatley placed behind Dion’s blurry head. Then, halfway through, we’ll switch to a close-up and cut Dion’s head off at the chin and turn up the red monitor, so he looks embarrassed. Yeah, that way he’ll look like he’s just chillin’ in his basement, talking to his webcam, as he does, cool as a cucumber, not worried about this whole coalition thingy. Just an average guy, like you and I. What the hell, no one can understand a word he says anyway!

Where are Dion’s PR people???? Honestly, if my resume gets 86’d because of one measly typo [didn’t happen ~ just made that up to add depth to the story], then why do we continue to accept these shenanigans from our political leaders? Dion’s politics may be blurry, but the message is clear.


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