Swedish Mobile Company Digging Themselves Deep

After staging a grandscale PR stunt off the coast of Estonia, Swedish mobile phone company Tele2 are now under formal police investigation and could face criminal charges for costing the country great and unnecessary expense.

Tele2 10 metre-wide fake meteor hit

Officials were not amused when military personnel and scientists were called out after Baltic residents reported a flash in the night’s sky. What they discovered was a 20 metre-wide, 10 metre-deep hole with signs of a meteor hit. The PR company admitted to staging the stunt and cooking chemicals in the bottom of the hole to resemble a meteor hit.

What makes me laugh about this stunt is the workings on the inside, the strategy meetings. Imagine the look on the PR intern’s face — because you know this is a job for an intern — when the Big Cheese calls them into their office and says, I have a little job for you. Take this shovel and this chemistry set and this map and…

This is just the first phase of Tele2’s campaign. Next, they plan to hijack a spaceship. No, that’s not true, I just made that up. Can’t wait for phase two though — hey, maybe this stunt worked. I’m invested, but I’m not buying.


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