My Outer Space — Charting New Territory

William Shatner has jumped on board the hottest new social networking site for artists and creative professionals ~ MYOUTERSPACE.COM.

Following the same principles as its predecessors, Facebook and Twitter, this new creative community allows people to sign up according to the planet of their expertise. For example, writers, directors and playwrights would register with the planet Creatia, musical artists would register with Orpheus, animators would sign up with Anteros, etc. There are six planets in total. Your profile page allows you to showcase your portfolio and connect with like-minded professionals.

My Outer Space

Another exciting feature is the starships. Designed by John Eaves from Star Trek fame, each starship is captained by a bona fide producer in charge of finding talent to produce their latest project, whether it be film, stage or animation. As a community member, you’ll be privy to amazing opportunities as they arise and be able to chart each project’s progress through live interviews, and connect with the best and brightest in Sci-FI, Horror and Fantasy. Of course, Shatner is ultimately at the helm and promises to check in every so often.

The buzz is just starting on this new social networking site and a full PR blowout  launch is still to come. Here’s your opportunity to beat the rush. — You’re welcome.

Thanks to Bruce in the USA for the scoop.


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