Olympic Kicking Drills for Better, Faster Swimmers

Strong legs are the key to increasing strength and stamina in the water.

Woman swimming under water

These Olympic kicking drills are tough and demanding and just what you need to improve your performance.

  1. Using a kickboard or swim fins, these exercises are designed to enhance your training experience:
  2. Increase your speed with these demanding kick drills. Kick for five minutes as fast as you can and rest for one minute. Repeat each set two to four times.
  3. Kick for 25 metres, stop, then kick for another 25 metres, increasing your speed each time for a rapid set of four. Repeat each rapid set, two to four times.
  4. Working your way up to 10 sets, kick as fast as you can for 100 meters, rest for 20 seconds, then kick for another 100 meters.
  5. This 20-minute kicking drill will test your endurance. Alternating between 25-meter sprints and 50-meter recovery swim, kick continuously for 20 minutes.


  • Do not do all of these exercises on the same day.
  • Focus on the stroke you want to improve.
  • Make sure you take the time you need to rest between reps until you increase your strength.

Originally published @ FITLODE.COM


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