Yoga Poses for PMS

When that time of the month comes around and you just don’t have the energy for your regular workout, try some Yoga.

Yoga Poses for PMSYoga poses have numerous health benefits and can help alleviate PMS symptoms. Yoga has a calming effect on the central nervous system, which will help with irritability and mood swings. Certain poses will help in the delivery of oxygenated blood to the pelvic region, which will help to flush out toxins. Yoga can also relieve depression and headaches by triggering the release of endorphins. Yoga also helps you to focus on your breathing, flooding the body with cleansing breaths of oxygen that help to relieve stress and promote relaxation.

While a Yoga workout will bring about instant relief, for long-term effects, it is best to adopt a regular Yoga program and include it into your workout routine at least four times a week.

  • Extended Child’s Pose with forehead to the floor and arms extended
  • Cat Pose – on all fours, stretching out your lower back and upper back (shoulder area)
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Extended Child’s Pose as a transition pose
  • Modified Hero’s Pose for three cleansing breaths with hands moving from Namaste to an Om Mudra with the thumbs and index fingers touching, opening out to the sides for your inhale breath, coming together at the center for the exhale to pause in Namaste
  • Forward Fold – make sure you relax you neck and shoulders and use a towel to support your head if necessary
  • Extended Child’s Pose as a transition
  • Wide-Stance Forward Fold – again, relax your neck and shoulders and use a bolster or towel for your head
  • Modified Hero’s Pose for three cleansing breaths (same as above as a body link into the next phase)
  • Reclining Butterfly pose with hands in Om mudra (flat on the belly in the shape of a triangle with thumbs and index fingers touching)
  • Wind Pose – knees to the chest, making sure you do not put too much pressure on the knees
  • Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose II with leg out to the side (change sides)
  • Bridge Pose – starting with pelvic tilts, gradually moving up into bridge pose to hold
  • Legs-up-the-Wall Pose at a 90-degree angle – you can use a towel or bolster to support your lower back
  • Half Plow (use a bolster to support your legs)
  • Savasana at the very end

Perform these poses and hold each for a minimum of 30 seconds, focusing your breath, keeping it controlled and relaxed. Then move through the sequence in a typical Vinyasa, using the breath to move in and out of the poses. End with Savasana and relax in this pose in a meditative state without falling asleep.


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