Free Running

Free running is something that evolved out of Parkour and was created by Sébastien Foucan out of a need for self-expression and creativity – something that Parkour lacks, he feels.

Free Running Founder Sebastian FoucanFree running follows a different philosophy and is an expression of clearing all obstacles in your path. It’s about being free in towns and cities that contain you.

Foucan believes that Free Running is something we used to do instinctively as hunters and gatherers and in essence, we were all born to do.

Foucan first started practicing free running in his hometown in France with his friends after school. Bored and uninspired, they started playing games, chasing each other, jumping and scaling buildings, imagining themselves as Ninjas and slowly Free Running hatched and is now an international movement of self-expression.

Foucan has since appeared in many movies like Casino Royale, music videos like Madonna’s 2005 single Jump and TV commercials for Nike and Toyota and has gone on to design a shoe specifically for Free Running. For more information, check out his website at

This sport embraces Parkour and takes it one step further with moves taken from Parkour, Capoeira, acrobatics and tricking. To get started, most people start off in the gym, perfecting their jumps, landings and falls before they hit the concrete streets of the city. Check out the first video for an idea of what kind of circuit you can set up for yourself to practice.

A couple of documentaries out of the UK have profiled Foucan and Free Running called Jump London and Jump Britain, which are well worth checking out. See below and enjoy.

Free Running in the gym:

The first British Free Running documentary, Jump London:

The second British Free Running documentary, Jump Britain:


One thought on “Free Running

  1. Free Running says:

    Wow very cool! Free running is growing throughout everywhere! I like this blog! I’ll make sure I keep visiting 🙂

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