The Fat-Fighting Benefits of Black Tea

The health benefits of green tea are well-known and many people have made the switch, but now scientists have found that black teas possess just as many health bonuses.

black tea weight lossThe one thing where black tea and green tea differ, however, is that black tea is normally taken with milk, which slows down the absorption rate of valuable antioxidants and polyphenols. Surprisingly, skim milk slows this process down at a greater extent than whole milk.

A recent study out of Japan that was published in the journal Nutrition shows that black tea blocks fat absorption into the cells and is an effective weight loss aid. These studies were performed on rats that exhibited fat reduction after ingesting black tea and a high-fat diet. These rats also had lower fat in their livers and lower cholesterol levels.

We’ve known that green tea has weight loss benefits and that a tea out of South America called yerba mate green tea is famous for its dieting effects, but until now, we didn’t know that black tea also helps keep the waistline slim by blocking the absorption of fats. Scientists are now saying that black tea is more effective at fighting fat. The secret is in the production process of the tea. Unlike green tea, black teas are fermented and this increases their fat-fighting compounds.

If it weren’t for the fact that most black teas are taken with milk, which greatly reduces this effect, these health benefits would not have gone unnoticed for quite so long.

Milk contains casein and this sticks to the polyphenols, coating them so that absorption is slowed down and the weight loss effect is diminished. If you’re on a diet, then you’re probably only drinking skim milk, which is actually worse than whole milk in this case. The best solution is to take your tea black – that way you cut out even more calories and fat from your diet, while adding the benefit of powerful cancer-fighting antioxidants and polyphenols.

So, the next time you brew up a cuppa, hold the milk!

Originally published @ FITLODE.COM

12 thoughts on “The Fat-Fighting Benefits of Black Tea

  1. Alvaro Chahin says:

    Thank you, this was very educational, until now i thought green tea was the only tea that promoted weight loss.

  2. eddy says:

    I noticed that when I drink black tea I feel light, I browsed on it and I found out that it helps to lose weight

  3. Amit says:

    Yes, Black tea has weight reduction benefits, to my surprise i reduced 3-4 kg in four months whilst using black tea with a little sugar twice a day for continuous four months.

  4. austin says:

    Ive been losing weight on the 5/2 diet. I alternate black tea days and green tea days.It keeps the bloat off, and I have been very consistent in my weightloss efforts, which is why I googled this.

  5. Nelo says:

    This is true, I noticed that after taking black tea I frequently feel the urge to use the bathroom. It has helped me lose weight.

  6. Nelo says:

    Yes, I do take it with sugar.

  7. Kaitlin says:

    I always put coconut milk in my cup of black tea. It sweetens it up a bit and makes it the perfect drinking temperature… 🙂

  8. Norah kangogo says:

    Thank you! Have been taking pure black tea, morning and eveining for the last 2 weeks. My weight has reduced from 77kg to 70kg. Amazing

  9. mike says:

    So it black tea something we should drink 30 minutes before are meal to help lose weight of do you all just dink it while you’re eating?

  10. Khan says:

    High fat (including saturated) diets are ideal for weight loss, mental function and cardiovascular health. All I have for breakfast is black tea and a LOT of grass fed heavy cream. It suppresses my appitite almost until dinner time.

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