Sucker Punch Intense Training

With action movies gaining in popularity, the role of a film star has gone way beyond hair and makeup.

Sucker Punch Intense TrainingThese high-energy movies like Sucker Punch demand a lot from their stars like intense physical training for six hours a day, scheduled three months before actual filming.

There are so many cuties in this latest movie by 300 Director Zack Snyder, that it’s hard to focus on anyone’s training. Suffice to say, these ladies trained with the best fitness and fighting coaches and endured workouts intense enough to make you sick!

As a result of training hard together and being pushed to their limits, film stars Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone and Jamie Chung developed a strong bond that helped seal their performances on screen. The strength and endurance they mastered throughout their three months of intense training gave them the stamina they needed for the long days of filming and retake after retake of the same stunt.

But we’re not here to review the movie, we’re here to talk about the sweat and hard work they endured. Let’s face it – neither of these stars is built like your regular action hero, but when you see a 110-lb woman deadlifting 235 lb, it inspires you to push yourself and it reminds you that strength is more mind over muscle than anything else.

Training was not just limited to the gym, fight and aerial choreography were also major components of learning to look authentic.

Sucker Punch Training


3 hours martial arts and fight choreography.


2 hours high intensity interval training

  • Calisthenics
  • Weights (focusing on compound exercises like deadlifts)
  • Kettlebell training
  • Medicine ball training
  • Bodyweight push-ups and pull-ups
  • Plyometrics, box jumps
  • Tire pulling

1 or more hours at the shooting range and firearms training.

To fuel your body for an intense training schedule like this one, frequent meals are very important to make sure you’re not robbing vital muscle from your tissues and using up circulating energy in the your system instead. Frequent meals also help to prevent spikes in insulin that lead to cravings and weight gain. With each meal, it is important to eat a protein like a whey protein isolate, particularly right after working out when the body is more receptive to valuable nutrients.

A typical meal would be a skinless chicken breast, one yam and a serving of spinach. This is a good, basic starting point to plan out your meals – one lean protein, one complex carb (yams are full of antioxidants and fiber) and one vegetable (spinach is a superfood that is rich in iron, calcium and protein).

Most people worry that if they train this hard they will get big and bulky. Intense training makes you lean not bulky. Working this hard burns so much fat that you don’t have to worry about gaining mass and looking too big. As long as you eat clean and regularly train hard, you can have a figure like a movie star super hero too.

Originally published @ FITLODE.COM

One thought on “Sucker Punch Intense Training

  1. gabe says:

    these girls when first started would of found it difficult to do weighted pulls ups; my question is what methods did they trainers use to get them to that place were they could achieve this?

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