How to Burn 500 Calories

If you can burn 500 calories in one workout, you can expect to lose a fair amount of weight.

How to Burn 500 CaloriesWhen it comes to burning calories, the magic number has always been 500 calories.

Whether you’re cutting 500 calories from your diet or finding a workout that guarantees a 500-calorie burn, 500 calories a day adds up to 3,500 per week and this is the magic number you need to hit in order to burn 1 pound of fat a week.

Although there is new evidence coming to light that questions this belief, it is still a good starting point and an ideal goal to set yourself when you’re first embarking upon your weight loss journey.

Here are some activities you can do to burn 500 calories:

Weight 150 lb 200 lb 250 lb 300 lb
Jogging 1 hour 48 mins 38 mins 37 mins
Walking 4 mph 2 hour 110 mins 85 mins 1 hour
Bicycling 55 mins 42 mins 33 mins 28 mins
Elliptical 51 mins 35 mins 27 mins 24 mins

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