Camilo Villegas Workout

You hear us talk about spicing up your workouts, keeping it fresh and cross training to get the full benefit of your exercise regime.

Camilo Villegas workoutIf you’re looking for a role model, then three-time PGA Tour winner Camilo Spiderman Villegas will inspire you with his well-conditioned physique and his athletic prowess on the golf course.

It takes a lot of stamina to remain calm and focused on your game and when that game is golf, you need to add at least three hours of walking and standing to the list of physical demands required for the sport.

Golfers used to be out-of-shape, grandfatherly characters whose dress sense seemed to match their fitness beliefs. Dressed in crazy, mismatched patterns of plaid and pastel colors, these golfers followed an ideal that this was a gentleman’s game which involved lots of bonding on the golf course and drinking at the 19th hole.

The golfers of today are getting sexier and buffer and have come to respect that golf is a sport like any other that requires a demanding physical acumen.

Camilo Villegas understands the connection between training and improving your game and when he committed himself to a strict and demanding fitness regime to help achieve his goal of becoming a part the PGA Tour:

“I started getting more flexible, more fit and hitting it farther. When you start seeing the results, you get more addicted. You enjoy every second of it and it becomes a lifestyle.”

Villegas engages in a high intensity training circuit that he calls his Tournament Power Workout. Working with dumbbells and barbells, the Tournament Power Workout consists of all the basic bodybuilding exercises you can imagine crammed into an intense full body workout.

Villages also includes Tabata training, plyometrics, resistance band exercises, cable exercises, balancing exercises and a lot of torso twists to condition his golf-swinging muscles. By incorporating a lot of balancing exercises into his workout, Villegas increases his stability, which helps in the game of golf and sets up a solid foundation for him to power out from his core when driving the ball.

Like any good athlete, in the off-season Villegas switches up his training to a split routine to build up his muscle and try to recover the usual weight loss that comes from playing in the PGA Tour.

Villegas is also an avid cyclist and has a comparable resting heart rate to Lance Armstrong.

To increase his flexibility, Villegas includes Yoga into his routine a couple of times a week.

3 thoughts on “Camilo Villegas Workout

  1. Nathaniel Rittner says:

    Well written and informative

  2. Gavin Legg says:

    what is his full workout, step by step??

  3. akvenable says:

    He is intense indeed! I realized this up close and personal on our dates!

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