The Life-Threatening Risks of Trans Fatty Foods

VIDEO: With obesity and heart disease on the rise, the pressure is on to better our lives and become more healthy.

You can’t escape greasy, fast food. It’s everywhere and for the most part, it tastes good. It infiltrates our diets, our schools, our cafeterias and our choices of what to eat in a hurry.

The statistics are alarming. In the US alone, 1 in 5 women have some form of heart disease and one in three women will die from heart disease — that’s one woman every 34 seconds.

Each day in the US, 2,500 people will die from heart disease and almost 6 million people are hospitalized for cardiovascular diseases. Men will suffer a heart attack about 10 years earlier than women.

It’s through the efforts of not-for-profits like the Heart and Stroke Foundation that put time and effort into a message that will get across to its audience. Check out this PSA and the next time you put your money into one of these machines, ask yourself this — Am I ready to be a statistic?



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