Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man Workout

Robert Downey Jr takes his fitness regimen seriously, even when he’s not training for a movie role.

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man WorkoutHe has used Yoga with its meditative powers to help him recover from drug addiction and practices Wing Chun for a complete and balanced physical, mental and spiritual workout.

Five months prior to filming, Downey Jr focused on barbell training to get him up to speed and to condition his body to handle the next gruelling segment of this workout regimen.

To keep the star motivated and to match his unconventional personality, Bose designed a program that involved kettlebells, Indian club swinging, sledge hammers, fire hoses, sled pulls and a wheel barrow. Not exactly the route you’d expect for a mutli-million-dollar celebrity, but Downey Jr was bored with his regular routine and needed a refreshing change.

If I have to get underneath a bench press or a squat, I’m going to shoot myself. I just don’t have the motivation.

After losing weight for his role in Sherlock Holmes and dropping down to 151 lb, Downey Jr’s challenge was to add muscle strength without bulking up too much. Increasing his caloric intake, eating 6 protein-rich meals a day and using protein powders for muscle building mass, Downey Jr put on 25 lb of muscle in just four weeks, while he was shooting Iron Man.

The Iron Man Workout

  • Kettlebell training with an emphasis on throws to strengthen the glutes and train your hip snap.
  • Indian club swinging – like kettlebells but much larger. This is good training for martial arts, as a lot of the movements mimic those of martial arts.
  • Meels – like club swinging but much bigger and heavier for superior upper body strength training.
  • Two Fire Hoses – one filled with water, one filled with sand for added weight and difficulty. Standing at the end of the extended fire hose, the trick is to whip the hose like you’re trying to straighten it out. This will spike your heart rate to the maximum in 0 to 10 seconds.
  • Sled Pulls – pulling in a weight plate tethered to a rope from a great distance.
  • SUV Tires – picking up and throwing these huge tires incorporates squatting and the throwing/push muscles of the upper body.
  • Sledgehammers – hammering on an old tractor tire with 4 – 20 lb sledgehammers helps to train the entire body from the legs, back, arms and shoulders and introduces a different range of motion; therefore, incorporating a different group of muscles.
  • Wheelbarrows – loading up a wheelbarrow with 600 – 700 lb weight plates, Downey Jr had to navigate an obstacle course, keeping the wheelbarrow on course and upright.

Check out this club swinging workout and remember that all of these training methods require you to be in tip-top shape. Anybody with shoulder injuries should never try these exercises. Your best bet is to seek the counsel of a certified professional trainer:

Originally published @ FITLODE.COM

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