How Many Carbon Emissions Have You Had Today?

The story is the same, but the picture has changed. Instead of swashbuckling adverturers scouring the seas for countries to rape and pillage, we have Mr. Affluent White-Guy killing the planet with his excessive globe-trotting and expensive taste in cars.

This video is one of three winners of the Germanwatch screenplay competition about Climate Justice. Since 1991, Germanwatch has been actively promoting North-South equity, focusing on the politics and economics of the North and its worldwide consequences. It lobbies for fair trade relations, responsible financial markets, compliance with human rights, and the prevention of dangerous climate change.

What this video does is makes you stop and think. Our actions affect everyone on this planet and right now the scales of justice are imbalanced. If we don’t all start making changes to the way we live today, it may be too late. In twenty years’ time, it’s going to be a very different landscape.

Inspired by: Earth Hour’s Video of the Week

The Importance of the Arts and its Power to Touch us All

A lot of my friends laugh at me for watching So You Think You Can Dance, poo-pooing it as just another one of those silly reality shows. Usually I just smile to myself, letting them rant, but I’ve kept quiet long enough. It’s time to enlighten you poor, ignorant souls!

What strikes me most about SYTYCD is the passion and compassion of all of those involved. The judges really care. This is a nurturing environment where people are encouraged to grow and evolve. This couldn’t have been more evident last night with choreographer Tyce DiOrio’s portrayal of breast cancer.

Going into its sixth season, SYTYCD has opened doors for so many talented individuals and set up the Dizzy Feet Foundation so that under-privileged kids can study dance with the best. In its own way, it has raised awareness of the importance of the arts and its power to touch us all.