The Queen of PR

It’s time the world knew about Edina of Absolutely Fabulous fame. Here, despite her assistant Bubble’s fumblings, Eddie exhibits her skill in crisis communications and convinces singer Lulu to stay on as her client.

[PMT = premenstrual tension = PMS]

Eddie, played by Jennifer Saunders, owns her own PR agency in London, UK. She specializes in celebrity and fashion publicity. She has a love for modern art, is obsessed with getting old and despises her daughter, Saffie, who is the complete opposite of her and is the real mother in this relationship. Eddie is the epitome of what not to do in this business. But you love her anyway!

Her BFF Patsy Stone, played by the beautiful Joanna Lumley, is in the fashion business, editor or something like that and was a model in the 60s. You hardly ever see her working. Mostly she sponges off Eddie. No one knows for sure how old Patsy is — she could be as young as 45 or as old as 60. She’s a sot, a drug user, an insomniac, a nymphomaniac, and once was a guy.

The series profiles Eddie and Patsy’s adventures under the influence of Bolle champagne, Stolli vodka and designer drugs. The show is a slanted and contraversial perspective of the PR world; however, Eddie’s profession takes backstage to her flamboyant and unpredictable nature. In one way, she’s a stereotype of a PR agent, but in another way she’s a parody of human nature, an absurd example of the modern, affluent, working middle-aged woman.

If you’ve never caught an episode, you must! Absolutely Fabulous is a tablet in the world of Britcoms and a model that young comedians aspire to — It’s absolutely brilliant!