Burn 800 Calories an Hour with Cardio Kickboxing

Burn 800 calories in one hour with an energized cardio kickboxing workout you can do at home.

Burn 800 Calories an Hour with Cardio KickboxingCardio kickboxing first surfaced in 1992 as a circuit training workout developed by Frank Thiboutot to help promote the sport of kickboxing. The beauty of cardio kickboxing is that you don’t need a partner to spar with, you can do it on your own and you don’t need any previous knowledge of kickboxing or martial arts in general.

Benefits of cardio kickboxing

  • Energizing
  • High Intensity
  • High Calorie Burn
  • Easy to Follow
  • Whole Body Workout
  • Increased Balance
  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Kickboxing Skills

With so many cardio kickboxing workout videos available and many other interactive sports gear like Wii, it’s something you can easily do in the comfort of your own home. In fact, you can turn it into a family event and get fit together.

With an estimated 800-calorie burn in just one-hour class, you can see the appeal of this workout. It’s fast moving and demands focus. The result is a refreshed mind and a well-toned body.

Some things to bear in mind before starting out with a cardio kickboxing workout, especially if you’re planning to do it unsupervised at home.

1. Before you start, practice some of the punching and kicking moves in front of the mirror to get the proper technique down. This will help you to avoid injury and gauge your fitness level before you start.

2. If you’re a beginner, avoid high kicks until you’ve developed more flexibility in your joints.

3. To avoid injury, do not overextend your limbs or lock your joints, especially with your punches and kicks.

4. Observe proper body alignment throughout your workout, especially when you feel yourself getting tired.

5. Wear proper shoes.

6. Avoid too many repetitions of the same movement, especially with high-impact movements. If you’re balancing on one leg, stick to an eight count before switching sides.

7. Do not add weights to your cardio kickboxing routine.

8. Find the right balance between intensity and safety. Work at your own pace, while pushing yourself to your limits.

With any kind of intense workout, you need to feed your muscles and nourish your body.