Kelly Ripa’s Workout Part One

If there’s one person you can take inspiration from it’s Kelly Ripa. Now a reformed smoker, Kelly used fitness to cure herself of this nasty habit and get herself into serious  shape.

kelly_ripa_workoutShe gave up the smokes for working out 5 days a week with a workout that combines some typical moves with some you may not be familiar with.

In an interview with Shape Magazine, Kelly shared some of her workout and nutrition tips. Now we will all know the secret to her fabulous, shapely arms.

Being a busy Hollywood celebrity, the main goal for Kelly was finding a workout that would fit into her busy schedule. Under the expert eye of personal trainer Keith Byard, Kelly has reduced her power workout into 45 minutes of strength training and cardio combined.

This workout is one that you can do at home. All it requires, besides stamina and determination, is a jump rope and medicine ball, lightweight dumbbells, resistance bands or tubing and a Swiss Ball.

Kelly Ripa’s Workout

Squat with Rotational Row

Grabbing hold of the handle of your tubing with one hand, start with feet shoulder-width apart and palm down. Flexing your elbow, pull the tube into your ribs, and rotate your arm to finish in a flexed bicep curl, palm facing up. Hold this position as you lower down into a squat. Slowly, releasing your bicep contraction, raise yourself simultaneously out of the squat to begin again. Perform 2 sets of 12-15 reps.

Rotational Lunge

Again with tubing, grab hold with one hand and flex your arm to work your biceps, lowering yourself down into a lunge. Keeping your bicep flexed, raise yourself up and rotate 180° to lower down into a lunge again. Flip around to the starting position and repeat 2 sets of 12-15 reps each side.

One Leg Hip Lift

Lying on your back with arms extended, palms down, place one foot on a medicine ball and raise your hips off the ground, squeezing your glutes and hold for a second or two. Lower your hips down again but do not touch the ground, raising yourself up immediately into the next rep, making sure you don’t move the ball. Repeat for 2 sets of 12-15 reps each side.

Abs with a Twist

Lying on your back, clutching a medicine ball to your chest, sit up as you swing your legs out to the side to stand up fully. Finish this move by lowering yourself down the same way you came up to begin again. Perform 2 sets of 12-15 reps each side.

Push-Ups with Rotation

You’ll need a couple of lightweight dumbbells for this move. Holding the dumbbells in your hands, perform a push-up, twisting into a side plank and raising your outer arm up and hold for a count of three. Flip down into a push-up and rotate out to the other side. Perform 2 sets of 8 reps.

Swiss Ball Push-Ups

With your feet resting on a Swiss Ball while you perform push-ups puts more demand on your core as you have to control the ball’s movement as you lower yourself down. You want to move forward ever so slightly, but in a controlled and steady manner. Perform 2 sets of 12-15 reps.

Jumping Pyramid

Depending on your intesity, jumping rope burns 11-20 calories per minute and jumping jacks burn 8-9 calories per minute.

Jump Rope – 20 revolutions
Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Jump Rope – 40 revolutions
Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Jump Rope – 60 revolutions
Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Jump Rope – 80 revolutions
Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Jump Rope – 100 revolutions
Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Jump Rope – 80 revolutions
Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Jump Rope – 60 revolutions
Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Jump Rope – 40 revolutions
Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Jump Rope – 20 revolutions

Perform 2 sets.

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Henry Cavill Man of Steel Workout

Henry Cavill Man of Steel WorkoutComing out of the training he did for the movie Immortals, Henry Cavill had a good foundation for the physique he would need to build for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. The challenge now would be bulking up.

Working closely with Mark Twight from Gym Jones in Salt Lake City – the same trainer and fight choreographer who worked with the cast of the movie 300 – Cavill trained every day leading up to filming, adapting his program and fine tuning here and there as he graduated into the fight scenes and a whole new workout regime.

“I’m not quite in Immortals shape like I was, but I’ve got the base there again. When you see the Immortals shape you’ll see what I mean. We obviously haven’t had the final brief yet [on ‘Superman shape’], it’s going to adapt and change as [my trainer] sees my body adapting to the training. He’ll go, ‘Okay, Henry can do this,’ or, ‘His body will look better like that.’ It’ll be fine-tuned and tweaked as we go along. But I think it’s going to be a different sort of shape from Immortals.”

On average, Cavill spent 2 ½ hours a day training for the Man of Steel movie and consumed a reported 5,000 calories every day to support the muscle development he would need to gain mass. I’m guessing he put on about 30 pounds of muscle for this role.

While not much is out there about his specific training regime, most sites report the inclusion of Twight’s Tailpipe – an exhausting 100-rep, fat-burning workout, designed to torch premium calories and fatigue the muscle to encourage growth.

There are four exercises to this workout:

  • Goblet squat x 25 reps
  • 8 controlled and deep breaths
  • Kettlebell swing x 25 reps
  • 8 controlled and deep breaths
  • Squat thrust x 25 reps
  • 8 controlled and deep breaths
  • Jumping jacks x 25 reps
  • 8 controlled and deep breaths

It is recommended that you perform this circuit at the end of your regular workout, taking the time to pause and breathe deeply for eight controlled breaths after each set. Resist the urge to breathe heavily or quickly. The recovery portion of this circuit is highly important and encourages your body to control the stress brought on by the intense exercise, allowing you to move through each set more prepared. If done correctly, this workout will help improve sports performance.

Camilo Villegas Workout

You hear us talk about spicing up your workouts, keeping it fresh and cross training to get the full benefit of your exercise regime.

Camilo Villegas workoutIf you’re looking for a role model, then three-time PGA Tour winner Camilo Spiderman Villegas will inspire you with his well-conditioned physique and his athletic prowess on the golf course.

It takes a lot of stamina to remain calm and focused on your game and when that game is golf, you need to add at least three hours of walking and standing to the list of physical demands required for the sport.

Golfers used to be out-of-shape, grandfatherly characters whose dress sense seemed to match their fitness beliefs. Dressed in crazy, mismatched patterns of plaid and pastel colors, these golfers followed an ideal that this was a gentleman’s game which involved lots of bonding on the golf course and drinking at the 19th hole.

The golfers of today are getting sexier and buffer and have come to respect that golf is a sport like any other that requires a demanding physical acumen.

Camilo Villegas understands the connection between training and improving your game and when he committed himself to a strict and demanding fitness regime to help achieve his goal of becoming a part the PGA Tour:

“I started getting more flexible, more fit and hitting it farther. When you start seeing the results, you get more addicted. You enjoy every second of it and it becomes a lifestyle.”

Villegas engages in a high intensity training circuit that he calls his Tournament Power Workout. Working with dumbbells and barbells, the Tournament Power Workout consists of all the basic bodybuilding exercises you can imagine crammed into an intense full body workout.

Villages also includes Tabata training, plyometrics, resistance band exercises, cable exercises, balancing exercises and a lot of torso twists to condition his golf-swinging muscles. By incorporating a lot of balancing exercises into his workout, Villegas increases his stability, which helps in the game of golf and sets up a solid foundation for him to power out from his core when driving the ball.

Like any good athlete, in the off-season Villegas switches up his training to a split routine to build up his muscle and try to recover the usual weight loss that comes from playing in the PGA Tour.

Villegas is also an avid cyclist and has a comparable resting heart rate to Lance Armstrong.

To increase his flexibility, Villegas includes Yoga into his routine a couple of times a week.

Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout

How do you transform a regular guy into a god of war? Training, nutrition and sleep.

Chris Hemsworth Thor WorkoutChris Hemsworth put on 20 lb of muscle for his new role as Thor and remarks that he made sure to get regular, solid sleep every night to ensure his muscles repaired and grew properly.

To get into shape for his role, Hemsworth faced the same challenge we all do – how to build lean muscle while burning fat and reducing our BMI.

There are two components to developing lean muscle mass and burning fat and they are high intensity training and compound exercises. With HIT you burn fat while you lift weights, provided the weight is heavy enough and you monitor your rest time in between exercises. The other trick is in choosing the right kind of exercises. Compound exercises work best, as you incorporate more muscles and burn more fat and build more muscle as a result.

Typically, when your goal is to get big and muscular, you will spend the first eight weeks of your training focusing on bulking up and exercises like the Big 3 – squat, deadlifts and bench press. Then you’ll move into a fat-burning phase of your training for another four weeks.

For the bulking phase of this workout, you will focus on lifting heavy and working to failure. With this kind of routine, reps are fairly low while the sets remain the same at four.

  • Week one – 4-6 reps
  • Week two – 6-8 reps
  • Week three – 8-12 reps
  • Week four – 4-6 reps

This kind of training is a bit like pyramid training spread out over four weeks. This four-week lifting scheme will be repeated for the second four-week interval.

Chest and Back

  • Bench Press
  • Bent-over Rows
  • Pull-ups with a weight plate or weighted vest
  • Bench Dips with a weight plate or weight vest


  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Hamstring Curls


  • Chin-Ups with weighted vest or weight plate
  • Close-Grip Bench Press

As you move from phase to phase, your diet will also change. For the bulking phase, you will be consuming huge amounts of calories, with protein and protein supplements high on the list. As you move into the second, fat-burning phase, you will start eating more green leafy veg and fewer carbohydrates.

Here is a typical Hollywood diet plan:

  • Eat high protein and supplement with protein shakes in between meals. Make sure to supplement each workout with amino acids, BCAAs and whey protein.
  • Avoid sugary foods, especially fructose like that found in fruit juice.
  • Primarily, carbohydrates should come from vegetable sources like sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, etc. Whole grains are also recommended. Make sure you get enough fiber by eating oat and wheat bran.
  • If you train in the evening, start you day with a carb-heavy breakfast and include carbs at lunch, but after working out and in the evening, your foods should consist of protein and healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.

For the final fat-burning phase of this Thor workout, circuit training is your best bet to maintain lean muscle while burning fat.

Tabata Circuit (20 seconds on/10 seconds off)

  • Double kettlebell squats – 4 sets
  • Snatches – 8 sets

Kettlebell Circuit 1

  • KB Swings – 30 seconds two-handed, 30 seconds right-handed, 30 seconds left-handed, 30 seconds alternating
  • Cleans – perform pyramid sets moving from 5 reps to 1 then back up to 5 for 60 reps and no rest

Kettlebell Circuit 2

  • Turkish Get-Ups – 5 minutes, no rest
  • Windmills – 5 each side

Hemsworth worked out so hard for this role that he actually put on too much muscle and had to then focus on leaning out. Don’t forget that you need 7 or more hours of sleep every night to stimulate muscular growth. During sleep is when growth hormone is produced and muscles do their building and repair. When you wake up in the morning from a good 8-hour sleep, you will notice the difference.

Let’s just say that after this workout, you’ll be really, really Thor!

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Matthew McConaughey Workout

There are a few things that Matthew McConaughey does to keep his beach-buff body in shape and that’s running, surfing and dancing.

Matthew McConaughey WorkoutStaying in shape is one of McConaughey’s passions and he finds a way to exercise every day, come rain or shine. Whether it’s shadow boxing when it’s raining outside or following some grueling training program to get him ready for his next movie role, McConaughey embraces it all.

This weight training workout below focuses on strength, flexibility, agility and endurance. Perform 8 to 12 reps of each exercise, unless stated otherwise.

Matthew McConaughey Workout

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Superset 1

  • Cable Crossovers
  • Incline chest press
  • Swiss Ball Knee Tucks
  • Repeat 2 to 4 times

Superset 2

  • Pull-Ups to failure
  • V-Ups
  • 8 X 30-second sprints with 90-second speed walk in between each sprint
  • Perform this set only once

Superset 3

  • Bench Dips
  • Cable (with rope) triceps overhead extensions
  • Medicine Ball Lunges – reaching for the ball and passing under your front leg as you lunge forward
  • Repeat 2 to 4 times

Superset 4

  • Medicine Ball Press and Slam – push out from the chest, then reach overhead and slam the ball down on the floor
  • Stair Sprints
  • Ladder Drills with High Knees
  • Repeat 2 to 4 times

Superset 5

  • Squat to Calf Raise to Shoulder Press
  • Woodchoppers
  • Bicep Curls with Cables (rope)
  • Repeat 2 to 4 times

Superset 6

  • Jump Rope – perform 100 to 200 jumps as fast as you can
  • Stair Running – run up 10 stairs, then back down; repeat, increasing stairs to 20, 30, 30, 20, and 10
  • Perform this set only once


Strictly cardio days – 45 to 60 minutes of running

Weekend – Rest and Dancing!

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