Listen Up!

This cool video is called Listen. I added the Up! because I wanted to get your attention.

LISTEN UP PEOPLE! We all have to do our part for the environment. If you smoke, you can start by not tossing your cigarette butts like they’re biodegradable. If you drink coffee, buy yourself a travel mug and take it with you. If you have kids, stop buying bottled water! I could go on, but I’m sure you’re shaking your head by now and wondering why I’m preaching. It had to be said.


How Many Carbon Emissions Have You Had Today?

The story is the same, but the picture has changed. Instead of swashbuckling adverturers scouring the seas for countries to rape and pillage, we have Mr. Affluent White-Guy killing the planet with his excessive globe-trotting and expensive taste in cars.

This video is one of three winners of the Germanwatch screenplay competition about Climate Justice. Since 1991, Germanwatch has been actively promoting North-South equity, focusing on the politics and economics of the North and its worldwide consequences. It lobbies for fair trade relations, responsible financial markets, compliance with human rights, and the prevention of dangerous climate change.

What this video does is makes you stop and think. Our actions affect everyone on this planet and right now the scales of justice are imbalanced. If we don’t all start making changes to the way we live today, it may be too late. In twenty years’ time, it’s going to be a very different landscape.

Inspired by: Earth Hour’s Video of the Week

Take an Oogle at Google’s Grazing Goats

Goats are taking over the mountainside at Google headquarters in California.

In an attempt to decrease carbon emissions and noise pollution from noisy lawn mowers, Google hires 200 goats to keep the weeds down and reduce the risk of grass fires. It only takes one week for these greedy goats to gobble up the weeds and then it’s back to the farm.

Google mountain view from their corporate headquarters

It turns out Yahoo! has been doing the same thing for a couple of years now. 

Posted on Flickr about two years ago by Yahoo!

Goats are the oldest of domestic animals and can be raised for milk, cheese, hair, and meat. Kind of reminds me of the time I bought a farm and almost bought a herd of milk goats, but that’s another story for another time.

Cigarette Butts – Toxic Menace

butts2Every year in cities across the globe, volunteers come together to clean up the coastline. In one such clean-up in British Columbia, more than 270,000 cigarette butts were collected. In Australia, cigarette butts make up 50% of litter pollution. In fact, 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are tossed worldwide every year, making them the world’s greatest litter problem and a serious threat to the environment.

After I heard a PSA aired on Virgin Radio 99.9 raising awareness about this cigarette butt problem, I decided to investigate. Here is what you need to know:

Cigarette butts are not biodegradable; they are made of plastic and take about 10-15 years to break down. It is estimated that one third of the global population smoke. If you smoke a pack and a half a day, this amounts to 10,000 cigarettes a year, which is the equivalent of 5 cubic litres of waste. Worldwide the annual global consumption of cigarettes produces 2,800,000,000 cubic litres of waste. That’s enough toxin to kill a water flea at .125 butts per litre or about one butt per two gallons of water.  And don’t forget the thousands of species of wildlife that die from starvation, mistaking cigarette butts as a healthy and plentiful alternative.

Cigarette butt litter has increased since the ban on smoking indoors. Some cities like Windsor have a ButtsOut campaign, promoting the use of a personal ashtray. In Edmonton, the mayor is sick of the sight of cigarette butts everywhere and is considering a fine for smokers who litter.

Smokers, please, if you can’t butt out for your own sake, consider the environment. Temper the desire to toss your butts.