Toronto the Retrofit Capital of North America

Reskinning in process
Toronto is in an exciting position of turning the city around and becoming the retrofit capital of North America. If we get this right, we will lead the way in bringing cities and obsolete office towers into the 21st eco-friendly century.

Using a technology called “reskinning,” office towers will be given a new, energy-saving outer layer — a thermal barrier composed of new materials like solar panels and media walls.

On May 11, Zerofootprint — a nonprofit organization working with companies to reduce their carbon footprint — will launch an international re-skinning competition to dramatically re-skin one of Toronto’s aging high-rises. For more information, please see CBC Radio’s Green Grows Up series.

  • 2/3 of total waste is generated from workplaces
  • 54% of all CO2 emissions come from buildings
  • Toronto has 250M square feet of office space

This is an exciting project during a time of financial crisis and will bring many jobs to Toronto and the GTA. To learn more, download Greening Greater Toronto from the Toronto City Summit Alliance.